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One-stop sustainable energy technology

Libra Energy is an international wholesaler of sustainable energy systems. Although the company initially focused on solar power, it has now expanded to become a multinational company, with energy storage and wind power also forming part of its product portfolio. Today, from its headquarters in the Netherlands Libra operates globally, with offices in England, the United States, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and Malta. Our team of 40 employees and strong connection with our partners assures our customers of the best service.

Combining leading brands with acclaimed expertise, to date Libra Energy has installed more than 380 Megawatt around the world.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our customers are always our first priority. Assuring customer satisfaction. That’s what Libra Energy is all about.
Do not worry about the quality of our products, we will do that for you. We always supply the best products for both residential and commercial projects. And we always conduct extensive tests before introducing a new product.

Our understanding of energy systems is at the highest technical level. We’re ready to help you, whether you need us to advise on your project, conduct calculations or repair a fault.

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