Marine and mobile products

Electricity supply is not always readily available. But you still want to enjoy silence at sea or the peace of a nature reserve. And that’s possible. We offer energy system solutions for mobile leisure activities and marine applications.


WhisperPower was founded in 2007 for the manufacture and worldwide sale of diesel generators and related items. The company has quickly and successfully grown and developed especially in terms of innovation and quality. WhisperPower has used its years of experience in developing systems containing a diesel engine to develop in-house, a new generation of power electronics. The product range covers power range options from 500 watts to 500 kW.

WhisperPower sets itself apart by offering smart innovations that prove their value in everyday operation. In the most challenging conditions, you can fully rely on our PowerStation whether on water, in the air or on land. All their innovation efforts are geared towards creating silent and vibration-free generators and electrical systems that do their work without interruption.

You can buy two different products from Whisperpower at Libra Energy:

  • Sinewave inverter/charger: inverters combined in one box together with a battery charger, and a shore – to – inverter transfer relay. The WhisperPower’s combi’s are compact, space saving, robust and extremely powerful.
  • Battery chargers: Using WhisperPower’s battery chargers ensure a fast and complete charge of the battery. As a result, the life time of the battery is much longer.