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Rainbows Hospice Goes Solar

Posted On 30-04-2016

Rainbows Hospice is the only Children’s Hospice in the East Midlands, England. They provide help and support, at present, to over 320 children, young people and their families from across the region. The children that visit Rainbows all suffer from a terminal illness – their visits can vary from hours to years depending on their condition. With a focus on fun and laughter, Rainbows are there to make every moment count for the people that need it most.


The hospice consumes a lot of electricity due to the specialist equipment they have on site. So we thought having solar would benefit them greatly and it will!


Utility Trade have installed a 49.59kW system, 174 Panels. The system will pay for itself after 6 years and reduce their electricity bills dramatically.

Over the 20 years:

£144,508.17 Savings in electricity

£115,566.36 in FiT

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