CSR Policy

We believe it is important to contribute to a better living environment. That is why we invest in projects, locally and globally. With our CSR policy, we want to ensure that sustainable energy is accessible to everyone.


By participating in the CO₂ performance ladder we are consciously working on reducing our CO₂ emissions.

WEEE Nederland

We think it's important that our solar panels are recycled. That is why we work together with WEEE Nederland.


CO₂- Performance Ladder

At the end of 2012 we made a start on a process to be assessed by TÜV on our CO₂ policy; the so-called CO₂ performance ladder. In this process we have reached level 3 out of 5. That is a neat achievement for a trading company that does not control 90% of its CO₂ emissions. We have been certified by TÜV for what we have achieved. Our objective is to ensure that we take steps in this CSR policy every year and to limit emissions as much as possible, within our means.


Libra Energy B.V. participates in various sustainable climate projects. Such as a wind farm in India. We do this together with the Climate Neutral Group. Financing these projects in developing countries improves the energy infrastructure, which also improves the living conditions of the inhabitants in these areas. With participation in this project, Libra Energy B.V. almost compensated for its complete CO₂ emissions, so also a performance above level 3!

  • Read more about the CO₂ performance ladder at www.skao.nl