Install your JA Solar Percium solar panels with GSE

Posted On 04-01-2017

From now on, it is possible to install your JA solar Percium solar panels with the GSE inroof mountingsystem. JA Solar deems the GSE integration installation method to be structurally sound safe for design loads of 5400 Pa on the module front side and 2400Pa on the module back side.

Clients are allowed to remove the PERCIUM backside bar for the use of the modules in combination with the GSE integration system.
Provided that the PV modules are installed in accordance with GSE Installation – GSE INTEGRATION INSTALLATION MANUAL V10.2), use of this method shall maintain the JA Solar Limited Warranty for PV Modules.

With the JA Solar solar panels and the GSE infoor system, you have the perfect combination for a esthetic and high quality system. Do you want to know more about these products? Please go t our webshop

Do you have any questions about the installation about the JA Solar Percium solar panels? Please do not hesitate to ask our technical support. 

Please read the statement of JA Solar here.


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