Libra Energy exclusive distributor TW Solar

Posted On 05-04-2019

Jan Joosten en Erik Bijl nemen distributiecontract in ontvangst van TW Solar (TongWei)

Libra has officially become the exclusive distributor for TongWei in the Benelux. TongWei is the largest solar cell manufacturer in the world. They now make 12GW, but the production will increase to 20GW.

Latest techniques

The shingled cell technology is a new patented technology that has been incorporated into the latest solar panels from TW Solar to enable much higher power per panel. Currently, up to 335Wp with white back sheet and 330Wp as Full Black. These solar panels are now exclusively available at Libra Energy. Libra Energy also supplies the 60 cell Mono Perc modules (300 / 305Wp) from TongWei. During the Solar Solutions Int. trade show, the deal is sealed. Libra Energy will sell around 150 MW TongWei modules in 2019.

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