About Libra Energy

Libra Energy is a leading distributor of sustainable energy systems that distinguishes itself through superior logistics and quality control.


Since our foundation in 2007, we have acquired a prominent position in Europe within the field of solar energy and have become a fully qualified partner for electric vehicle charging stations and charging software. As a member of the Rensa Group, we also have extensive expertise in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and services. We deliver total energy solutions for sustainable construction and renovation in terms of both zero net energy (ZNE) buildings and nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEBs).

Consistently exceeding expectations

We always aim to exceed your expectations. As we are aware of the challenges you face, we work in partnership with you as much as possible to deliver the right equipment at the right time and at the right place. We even guarantee delivery within 24 hours for the vast majority of our products. Along with our logistics partners, we are constantly striving to enhance our service. In today’s fast-growing market and ever-changing political landscape, availability and pricing issues are the order of the day. We therefore recognise that effective communication is essential and are continuously investing to secure optimal accessibility so that you, our customer, can decide for yourself whether to order by phone, digitally or through our online portal.

Quality and technology

Drawing on many years of know-how and experience, we have assembled our own first-rate quality team in Asia. The team performs factory audits and inspects production runs of our equipment. Consistent high standards are guaranteed, and our manufacturing partners and suppliers are able to optimise product and production quality. In addition, our expert technical team offers sound advice based on the latest trends and technologies. From the outset, we have had our own people in place and our own RMA process for after-sales services. All services are fully certified and authorised on behalf of our suppliers. As well as understanding the products, we also understand their application.


It would be an understatement to say that the world is in a state of continuous flux. Climate targets are frequently being tightened, but we are convinced that a solid and insightful strategy will allow us to make tangible gains. Failure to succeed won’t be for a lack of technical and commercial possibilities: systems become more intelligent, more powerful and increasingly synergetic. We follow the latest global developments in all relevant areas and innovate accordingly. As well as comprehensive testing, we also ensure responsible market introduction. Although the energy transition is in full swing, we are only at the beginning. Libra Energy aims to be a frontrunner in this journey. We want to contribute actively towards achieving the highest levels of comfort for everyone in terms of living, working and traveling, while emphasising the role of energy and climate.

Our Ethos


Restore balance to global energy production by providing clean renewable energy solutions.


To make renewable energy accessible and affordable for all


Build long-term relationships, realise maximum customer satisfaction and continually fine tune our services.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As distributors of sustainable energy solutions, corporate social responsibility is a high priority for us.

The People, Planet & Profit principle is central. As a company we focus our activities on adding value to these principles. Our activities in this area are detailed below.

  • Social – Stimulating and motivating our staff so that they can work safely, and have space for personal development
  • Social – Making a contribution to local communities, investing in education, research and knowledge transfer and social sponsorship and donations
  • Environment – We work in a CO2-neutral way and have a TÜV certification for this.