Novelties on Intersolar

Posted On 12-06-2017

At the end of May, the Intersolar took place in Munich. During this exhibition, many new technologies and products have been presented. Libra Energy visited the exhibition to get in contact with customers and suppliers and to map new developments.


The following innovations were shown on Intersolar:

  • ‘Half-cut’ solar cells: instead of the traditional 60 cells, there are 120 half-cut cells in one solar module. This new design improves the performance in energy output.
  • N-type cells: busbars are omitted in the modules to give them a more attractive look. The celltechnology is comparable to Panasonic, which gives the module a higher output.
  • Bifacial: solar panels that can convert light from the top as well from the bottom. These modules are especially interesting for solar parks.
  • SolarEdge: provides a solution for larger systems (100kW inverter), small inverter for 4-8 solar panels and a new optimizer.


Concerning ​​storage, several new systems have been shown. Huawei has developed a single-phase inverter that can be expanded with storage (LG Chem battery). Mercedes Benz showed their storage system that can be expanded modularly up to 20kW.
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