Panasonic: 20 years of high output with the HIT module

Posted On 18-01-2017

Panasonic celebrates 20 years of production of the HIT module. Since the first production in 1997, there are more than 18 million solar panels manufactured by Panasonic. In 2014, Panasonic’s original hetero junction cel became the first crystalline solar cell that exceeded the efficiency limit of 25% for cells with a usable size. In March 2016 a new record was reached: module efficiency of 23.8%. At the time of the announcement, this was the world’s highest conversion speech element of a module.

Panasonic modules have different panel sizes and provide homeowners with greater choice and flexibility to extract the maximum amount of power from their roofs.

Due to the extremely high efficiency, Panasonic HIT modules are ideal for zero-energy houses. Libra Energy is official distributor of Panasonic HIT, and offers the modules at competitive prices.

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