Panasonic extends product guarantee from 10 to 15 years

Posted On 25-02-2016

Panasonic’s HIT modules offer the ultimate in reliability. Of the 3.7 million modules sold in Europe since 2003, the percentage of claims made is extremely low (even lower than 0.005%). Panasonic is showing just how confident it is with its solar panel quality by extending its product guarantee to 15 years.

Advantages of the HIT modules

  • Special cell technology enables higher capacity to be obtained from a smaller surface area
  • Highest available power output for a solar panel smaller than 1.6m2
  • Unique water drainage system keeps panels cleaner
  • Extra shadow zone results in improved output in shady conditions

We stock the following models:

Panasonic HIT N240-245
Panasonic HIT N285
Panasonic HIT N330 (330Wp) available from April

The latest Panasonic module will be available from Libra Energy from April 2016. The HIT N330 module produces around 27% more kilowatt-hours per square metre than a standard 260Wp panel.  “The N330 represents the very latest Panasonic technology and provides both installers as well as end-users with an ultra-high efficient solution for various types of thatched roof,” said Daniel Roca (Senior Business Developer at Panasonic).

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