Marine & Mobile

Electricity supply is not always readily available. But you still want to enjoy silence at sea or the peace of a nature reserve. And that’s possible. We offer energy system solutions for mobile leisure activities and marine applications.

Comfort on board

The convenience of electricity not only at home but also aboard. A well performing energy system is an absolute must in a pleasure yacht. Safety, comfort and luxury are the key elements. From laundry to the latest navigation software, heating, cooling and electric cooking, everything must be reliable and easy to use. Once in the marina convenience and comfort cannot be forgotten. Charging stations with shore power to charge the system and sanitation pumps to fill the water tank. Ready to set sail towards a new adventure.

Comfort on the road

To fully enjoy the freedom of a motorhome or caravan, a well functioning energy system is a must. Independent with all the comforts of home. Arriving at the camping site, appropriate infrastructure must be present for charging the energy system. So you can continue your journey safe and sound.