Off-grid generation

Off-grid systems provide mains electricity to locations without a permanent grid connection – especially for developing countries without a mains infrastructure.


Off grid systems

Where there is no mains electricity, or where supply is unreliable or intermittent, off-grid systems provide a primary or back-up independent electricity supply on-demand.

From hospitals needing constant power for medical equipment, to holiday homes in remote outlying areas, Libra Energy off-grid systems let you generate the power you need.


WhisperPower BV was founded in May 2007 after acquiring the assets of the diesel engine power system manufacturing division of Mastervolt Generator Systems.

In 2009 Hybrid Power Systems BV was founded to develop and manufacture combined hybrid and propulsion systems for super yachts and commercial craft.

WhisperPower is active in the marine, mobile and domestic market, land based and off-grid market, defence and peacekeeping. Its mission is to offer the best, most durable and cost-effective electrical systems solutions for boats, vehicles and off-grid locations.