The sun provides the cleanest energy there is; solar energy. Every square metre of the earth captures approximately 1,366 watt in direct sunlight. We simply cannot ignore this amount, and need to find ways to better utilise this abundant resource.


PV panels

Offering advanced photovoltaic (PV) panels from world-class manufacturers, let Libra Energy match your needs. Photovoltaic systems convert daylight into DC electricity. Converted to AC by an invertor, power can then be used directly, stored in batteries or sold back to the grid.

From choosing the right solar panel brand, to configuring arrays to maximise exposure to daylight, to providing inverters and batteries, Libra Energy can help.

Solar Products

Inverters, mounting and cables are essential for your solarsystem.



We have always been real inverter specialists, starting in the early 1980s. This experience is vital in helping us select, develop and roll-out the inverters offered in our range.



We sell only certificated mounting systems produced from the highest quality materials. We have a solution for every type of roof.



Cables and connectors have a large impact on a solar energy system’s durability. To be assured of high quality and reliability, we select products that are tested in extreme conditions.