Solar Panels

Libra Energy delivers only high-quality solar panels that satisfy all international requirements and regulations. Our quality management system enables us to safeguard this quality. We regularly have solar panels tested by official test authorities, including Eternal Sun and TÜV Rheinland. We also visit our manufacturers to check their quality and testing procedures.

JA Solar


JA Solar is the biggest manufacturer of solar cells in the world and in world rankings, is ranked fourth in the  manufacture of high-quality solar panels. JA Solar market share in the Netherlands amounted to approximately 25% in 2015.  JA Solar stands out through its strong focus on innovation. The high efficiency panels Percium (mono) and Riecium (poly) modules have been particularly successful. The panels with integrated SolarEdge Power Optimiser are also very much in demand. Total production for 2015 was approximately 3.5GW. A new factory will be completed in 2016, with a total additional 1GW capacity.

JA Solar features

  • Vertically integrated production process to guarantee quality
  • Unique cell technology
  • High-efficiency product range
  • Reliable financial position
  • Listed company


The biggest manufacturer solar panels

Jinko is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world. She has guided 2017 PV module shipments to be in the range of 8.5GW and 9GW after reporting 6.65GW of module shipments in 2016. The quality of their solar panels are excellent.

Features Jinko

  • Number 1 on the Bloomberg Tier 1 list
  • Complete productrange
  • Manufacturing in multiple parts of the world, among which Europe
  • Very large capacity for production



CSUN, listed on the NASDAQ, is a leading manufacturer of solar cells and solar panels and is closely connected with the renowned China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG). CSUN has extensive experience in the PV industry and is known for development, efficiency and quality. CSUN originally focused on the manufacture of solar cells, supplying these to leading European module manufacturers. However, current EU import restrictions mean that this is no longer possible. CSUN has a current production capacity of 1.2GW and supplies more than 1.4GW in modules. CSUN has production facilities in China, Vietnam and Turkey.

CSUN features

  • Excellent choice as a project module
  • Certificated by all large quality and safety bodies
  • Reliable with exclusively positive tolerances
  • High-efficiency modules
  • Excellent price/quality ratio


Canadian Solar


Canadian Solar was founded in 2001. They manufacture their products in Vietnam.  Libra Energy offers the Canadian Solar module range at a very competitive price.

Canadian Solar Features

  • 14 GW shipped globally
  • More than 8600 employees worldwide
  • Great prices at Libra Energy
  • Outstanding low irradiance performance
  • Listed company


German modules, German quality

Astronergy is one of the largest manufactures of solar modules. The Chinese company is located all over the world. In Europe, they are located in Spain and Germany. The modules you buy at Libra are produced in Germany. What is the advantage for you? German quality for an excellent price.

Features Astronergy

  • Active all over the world
  • Complete product line
  • Technology driven, quality focused
  • Perfectly for large projects



Panasonic has been developing solar cells since 1975. It has been the benchmark for developing new, innovative photovoltaic products for many years.

Panasonic features

  • 40 years of solar experience
  • Panels with special HIT technology
  • Production of ultra-high efficiency panels
  • 25-year product guarantee
  • Extremely low percentage of claims, lower than 0.005%

Boviet Solar

Boviet is a Vietnamese manufacturer. The company is part of the Powerway group. Boviet is the largest Vietnamese manufacturer with an annual production of 700MW.

Features Boviet:

  • Part of the Powerway group
  • Production facility in Vietnam
  • focuses on solar cell as well as panel manufacturing
  • Inhouse as well as third party quality control tests