Solar Panels

Libra Energy delivers only high-quality solar panels that satisfy all international requirements and regulations. Our quality management system enables us to safeguard this quality. We regularly have solar panels tested by official test authorities, including Eternal Sun and TÜV Rheinland. We also visit our manufacturers to check their quality and testing procedures.

Boviet Solar

Boviet is a Vietnamese manufacturer and part of Powerway group. Boviet is the largest Vietnamese manufacturer with a annual production of more than 700 MW. The quality of the solar panel is guaranteed because Boviet has the entire production line (from cell to housing) in its own hands. Boviet solar panels are therefore also very suitable for SDE + projects, because of the excellent price / quality ratio due to their high-end production facility.

Features of Boviet:

  • Exclusively available at Libra Energy
  • Part of Powerway Group
  • Production facility in Vietnam
  • Entire production line solar panels in own hand
  • Both in-house quality control and inspection by third parties
  • High-quality
  • Competitively priced
  • Available directly from stock and easy to order via the webshop

JA Solar


JA Solar is the biggest manufacturer of solar cells in the world and in world rankings, is ranked fourth in the  manufacture of high-quality solar panels. JA Solar stands out through its strong focus on innovation. The high efficiency panels Percium (mono) and Riecium (poly) modules have been particularly successful. The panels with integrated SolarEdge Power Optimiser are also very much in demand. Total production for 2015 was approximately 3.5GW. A new factory will be completed in 2016, with a total additional 1GW capacity.

JA Solar features

  • Vertically integrated production process to guarantee quality
  • Unique cell technology
  • High-efficiency product range
  • Reliable financial position
  • Listed company


Japanese quality without concessions

Panasonic has been developing solar panels since 1975. For years, it has been THE reference in the development of new, innovative photovoltaic products.

Specific Panasonic features

  • More than 40 years of solar experience
  • Panels with special HIT technology
  • Production of panels with very high efficiency
  • 25 years product guarantee (registration required), without registration 15 year
  • Extremely low claim rate of <0.005%


Distinctive in product development

Solvis has been present on the PV market from 2009 with a dedication to produce an environmentally friendly and affordable energy source. They distinguish themselves with products that are the result of own product development and research. With sustainable investments in personnel, equipment and research and development, Solvis has determined the company’s competitive position on the world market. The company is committed to finding a suitable PV solution for every application.

Features of Solvis:

  • Products produced entirely in the EU
  • Glass-glass monocrystalline solar panels


GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (GCL S.I.) is part of the GOLDEN CONCORD Group (GCL), an international energy conglomerate that specializes in clean and sustainable energy generation and storage.

Founded in 1990, the Group now employs 30,000 people worldwide in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, but also in Africa, North America, Southeast Asia and Europe.

GCL S.I. currently has offices around the world and has five module production bases in China and one in Vietnam, with a production capacity of 6GW and an additional 2GW of highly efficient battery capacity, making it a world-class producer. GCL offers a wide range of high-quality products for a variety of application environments, including modules of standard 60/72-part, double-glazing, high-efficiency poly-silicon PERC and half-cell etc. All products have undergone very strict quality inspections and tests..

GCL features:

  • Manufactured in China and Vietnam
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Complete robotized production in combination with the latest technologies
  • Use of high efficiency polysilicium PERC


Premium Quality and Service

Talesun Solar Technologies is founded in 2010 and part of Zhongli Group. Talesun Solar Technologies is a worldwide leading manufacturer of photovoltaic solar cells and modules of high quality. Talesun is ranked in Tier 1 of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Talesun features:

  • Manufactured in China and Thailand
  • Panels with Monocrystalline
  • Product warranty manufacturer 10 years
  • Power guarantee manufacturer 25 years

TW Solar

TW Solar (Tongwei Solar) is the largest solar cell producer in the world. Thanks to new developments such as Shingled Cell technology, TW Solar solar panels now offer more yield per m². Because the cells are overlapped (shingled) on the panel, a more efficient surface is created. Now exclusively available at Libra Energy for the Benelux.

TW Solar features:

  • Manufactured in China
  • Panels with special Shingled Cell technology
  • Product warranty manufacturer 12 years
  • Manufacturer’s power guarantee for 25 years

Benefits of TW Solar Shingled compared to traditional PV panels:

  • more kWh per panel
  • fewer panels per kWp means lower costs for mounting material, cables and the like
  • lower degradation in power than traditional panels (up to almost 2%)
  • reduced risk of microcracks with mechanical loading due to better distribution / smaller cell
  • low power loss with shading