Energy storage

The storage of energy is the future. Storage makes you entirely independent of the grid, which will result in future cost-efficiency. Libra Energy has already prepared for this future and can offer you the following energy storage solutions.

Your own energy, wherever you go

100% independent

Do you know that you only use around 25% of the total power generated by your solar system? The additional power produced by your system is transferred into the grid. That’s fine as long as you receive compensation through net metering, a feed-in tariff or when you have different Kilowatt hour tariffs. But that may not always be the case or may change soon. So we have developed a product which will help you increase your self-consumption.




The Smartverter PowerHub is a cost effective add on storage system for existing grid connected PV systems. The PowerHub is placed between the solar panels and the inverter. A battery can be attached, making it possible to store the surplus electricity from the solar panels. This will increase the self-consumption of the electricity generated by your solar panels. The PowerHub only works with a grid connection, so has no back-up or off-grid function.

Build your own energy system

The Smartverter brand consists of two products: SV6000 and PowerHub. The SV6000 is a hybrid inverter that can be used as a storage system, a grid-inverter or fully off-grid on an off-grid system. This means that the SV6000 can also work in remote areas with no grid connection. With this feature, the SV6000 is ideal for holiday homes, beach houses, recreational vehicles and vessels.