Hybrid inverters

The storage of energy is the future. Storage makes you entirely independent of the grid, which will result in future cost-efficiency. Libra Energy has already prepared for this future and can offer you the following energy storage solutions.


Smartverter is the latest Libra Energy brand. The manufacturing takes place entirely in Asia under an OEM contract. Our hybrid inverter enables storage of generated energy and can be used grid-tied and as a hybrid as well as off-grid. Storing energy enables you to be more independent and gives the ability to consume 100% of your own generated energy.

Features Smartverter

  • The smartverter is the only hybrid inverter that includes a back up. It can provide energy anywhere and anytime you like, even when the grid fails.
  • The Smartverter loads and unloads twice as fast
  • Get from 1.5 kW untill 6.6kW PV power from the battery
  • than competitors. This makes it possible to use your own energy faster.
  • You can change the settings of your inverter anytime and anywhere you like with your tablet
  • The Smartverter is considerably lighter and more compact than other competitors.
  • Can be with LG CHEM, Tesla Powerwall and ZTE batteries