Wind inverters

Converting wind into electrical energy offers one of the most cost-effective sources of clean power generation. Some 268,000 turbines around the world are already providing a 369.6 GW capacity.


Solis wind-inverters are produced by the Chinese manufacturer Ginlong Technologies. The manufacturer is founded in 2003. Libra is official service center for Solis.

Features Solis

  • One of the first grid-inverter manufacturers
  • Vertical production strategy to safeguard quality
  • High reliability through global certification
  • Inverters have a wide input voltage range 30Volt DC.
  • Hybrid- inverter: only one inverter needed for sun and wind.
  • Monitoring possible with  Ethernet and WiFi data sticks
  • Powercurve can easily be adjusted on the inverter or even remote
  • Wide product range